Boudie Call - Getting ready for your session!

Getting ready for your Boudoir session should be fun and not stressful. A few nerves are normal and expected, that’s how you know you are about to do something amazing! The most important thing is to be relaxed and get ready to have the most glamourous and fun experience ever! Here are a few tips to help you get ready and get the most out of your session.

A few days before your session: 

1. Start packing your bag – double check you have everything you want and keep your bag insight incase you find something you need to add last minute. 

2. Keep hydrated and moisturized! Drinking lots of water is never a bad idea and get on that moisturizer routine too. I also highly recommend putting on a sheet mask and do a nice lip scrub and following up with lip balm. You can make a quick and handy lip scrub from mixing olive oil/coconut oil with sugar to make a paste and rub that gently on your lips before washing off. 

3. Clean your jewelry! A lot of women have jewelry they wear everyday and will wear for their session. Size these pieces up and any statement pieces you may want to use and give them a little buff and shine if they need it.

4. Get loose! Take some time to do some light stretching or dance around to your favourite booty shaking song. Channel your inner Jennifer Lopez and Shakira from the Halftime show and move that body!  Boudoir sessions can be very physical and the more limber you feel, the smoother it will go. 

The night before your session:

1. Eat a healthy dinner. Tonight is not the night to try a dish that may not agree with you. Stick with foods you know won’t bother your system or cause any issues. 

2. If you didn’t get waxed or laser hair removal, now is the time to shave. The closer to your session, the better. 

3. Pamper yourself with a long hot bath with bubbles or moisturizing bath bomb. A gentle body exfoliation also is a great idea. Don’t forget to moisturize after!

4. Show your hands and feet some TLC too! Treat yourself to a mani/pedi or do your own at home. If you typically have your nails done then be sure to get them filled before your session. Hands add so much to the posing and you want them looking gorgeous. If you don’t wear polish, just file the nails and keep hands and feet moisturized.

5. Don’t drink or party hard the night before. It will show no matter how good the makeup and photo skills. 

6. Get your Zzzzzzzzs. Professional makeup and lighting does wonders but nothing helps you look as good as a solid night’s sleep. Try a relaxing ritual before bed; light a candle, sip a hot herbal tea(peppermint is great before bed), read a book but most importantly, relax and get some restful sleep!

Day of your session:

1. Wear loose clothes with elastic on your skin. No tight bras or panties, they all leave pressure lines on your body. Watches and socks can also cause issues. I suggest a comfy pair of sweats or loungewear. Sure, even come in your pjs. No judgment zone!

2. Eat before your session, but keep it light and balanced with healthy protein and some good carbs for energy. 

3. Wear CLEAR deodorant or none at all. 

4. For hair and makeup arrive with a clean, fresh face and little to no product in the hair. Washing hair the day before is typically best as it tends to hold style better than just washed hair. If you have any looks in mind feel free to show sample photos to us when you arrive.

Channel your inner goddess and be yourself!

The experience should be fun and enjoyable. You are investing in yourself and we are here to take care of you. Let go of any negative self talk and know that you look amazing…own it! We are here to help you feel the most beautiful you have ever been. We’ll have some refreshments and lots of fun. You are welcome to bring music that gets you pumped or helps you relax or feel extra sexy…it’s your call. We will have some bomb playlists available as well. 

We can’t wait to help you rock your session!

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