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Observing love is a truly wonderful thing; and being able to capture love stories over these past 15 years has been extraordinary! I feel incredibly blessed to have been chosen by so many amazing couples as their wedding photographer. And believe it or not, I choose them just as much as they choose me!
Picking your wedding photographer is a big deal...arguably the biggest decision you make for your wedding day(also the DJ; your photographer manages the daytime and DJ takes care of the night). I don't say this as a photographer but as a person who loves photos and looking back on memories. Your big day will fly by in a flash; sad but true. When the big day is over what you are left with is each other, your rings and your photos. The meal is long forgotten and the decor perhaps a blur, but your photos serve as a time capsule of that special you and your family will want to look back on for years to come. 

A bit of advice to couples deciding on their wedding photographer:

1. Review lots of work to make sure you find a style you like. Finding a photographer with a style that you love is the first step to having great photos to show off all that hard work that went into your day!

2. Seek out professionals and pay the extra money; someone will always do it cheaper but the drawbacks last a lifetime. Everyone has a budget, but your photography is the only tangible memento of your wedding so splurge if you can, or at least hire the best you can afford. 

3. Book a meeting with a few of your choices and see how you get along. A wedding is an awfully long day to spend with someone you don't connect with. As a photographer I rely on these meetings myself...big time! I shoot a limited amount of weddings per season so I shoot for the love and for the couple, not the payday. 

4. If they offer a package with a book or album go for that one! Or buy it as an add-on, trust me. The majority of couples who pay for files only, will have those files stored away for 2-4 years before doing anything with them besides a thank you card. And there is nothing like a beautifully curated book of your big day to bring those memories flooding back.

5. Most importantly, have fun planning your wedding and discussing with your chosen photographer. Communicating what you want will ensure you get it! Be sure to ask questions and even supply a few samples of wedding images for inspiration. Start a Pinterest board, however be realistic with expectations as so many of those effortlessly beautiful Pinterest shots took hours and a team of stylists, models and assistants to capture! When at all possible invite the photographer to the rehearsal so they can meet key people in your life. Not all photographers are interested in attending but I consider it part of my investment and prep for the big shebang!

Hope you find this helpful and happy choosing!
xo Shyama Shoots

Children add a special element to a wedding day. I prefer to capture them as they are instead of forcing stiff poses. This little sweetheart was so poised all on her own that I had to capture a detail of the larger group shot to showcase it. I love the juxtaposition of her petite size surrounded by all of her elders. Families are what life, love and weddings are all about!

Girls just want to have fun and hide under Princess dresses!

I call this one "the original six", longtime hockey buds, including Mr. Sidney Crosby!

I live for dreamy golden hour portrait sessions on the big day. I also adored the look that Scott was giving Jenn during this photo. He literally looked at her with that same expression of total admiration and love the entire day. Love is a truly splendid thing to capture!

Weddings are something I prefer to book very selectively. I feel each one deserves a lot of attention; not only on the big day itself but in the days/weeks/months leading up and especially after the confetti settles. I love creating albums for my clients despite the amount of work it involves. Looking at digital files cannot come near the experience of holding a bound art book from your big day. 

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In your message include the date, location and theme of your wedding. I also love hearing about how you guys met and your engagement story.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Little things like bubbles add such interest to photos. I love the action it created amongst the crowd at Jodi & Jeremy's wedding. 

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