Portraits: On Location & In Studio

Portraits are my fave thing to shoot. In this gallery you will find a range of work from fun creatives to work for commercial clients like M5, Johnny Ruth & Living Planet and local talents. I’ve included some virtual “tear sheets” to show the end results of some of these shoots.
If you are comfortable in front of the camera and interested in working with me on creatives, send me an email through the contact form and let’s make some photo magic!

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Self Love Boudoir | Summer 2016


Celebrate and empower yourself with a boudoir session, or book one as a unique gift for that someone special! There is no better way to say I love you or I love ME!

Corner Brook: I’m headed your way from June 14th-18th (contact me for availability, spots are booking up fast! The 18th is fully booked and one session left for the 17th)

St. John’s and surrounding area: availability through May, June & July (spaces are limited)

Choosing a Wedding Photographer | Choosing my Clients

Observing love is a truly wonderful thing, and being able to capture love stories over these past 15 years has been extraordinary!
Choosing your wedding photographer is a big deal…arguably the biggest decision you make for your wedding day. I don’t say this as a photographer but as a person who loves photos and looking back on memories. Your big day will fly by in a flash, sad but true. When the big day is over what you have left is each other, your rings and your photos.

A bit of advice to couples deciding on their wedding photographer:
1. Review lots of work to make sure you find a style you like. Finding a photographer with a style that you love is the first step to having great photos to show off all that hard work that went into your day!

2. Seek out professionals and pay the extra money; someone will always do it cheaper but the drawbacks last a lifetime. Everyone has a budget, but your photography is the only tangible memento of your wedding so splurge if you can, or at least hire the best you can afford. 

3. Book a meeting with a few of your choices and see how you get along. A wedding is an awfully long day to spend with someone you don’t connect with. As a photographer I rely on these meetings myself…big time! I shoot a limited amount of weddings per season so I shoot for the love and for the couple, not the payday. 

4. If they offer a package with a book or album go for that one! Or buy it as an add-on, trust me. The majority of couples who pay for files only, will have those files stored away for 2-4 years before doing anything with them besides a thank you card. And there is nothing like a beautifully curated book of your big day to bring those memories flooding back.

5. Most importantly, have fun planning your wedding and discussing with your chosen photographer. Communicating what you want will ensure you get it! Be sure to ask questions and even supply a few samples of wedding images for inspiration. Start a Pinterest board! When at all possible invite the photographer to the rehearsal so they can meet key people in your life. Not all photographers are interested in attending but I consider it part of my investment and prep for the big shebang!

Hope you find this helpful and happy choosing!
xo Shyama Shoots

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Looking Back: Jen & Scott’s Fabulous Wedding

Some time in 2011 a young bride happened to be home to Newfoundland and was checking out dresses at a bridal salon in Corner Brook while I was running a cafe just down the street at the same time. I knew one of the employees at the salon and she sent the bride my way. I remember chatting with her over the display of pastries and we hit it off right away. She was funny, sweet and she mentioned Peacock feathers in the decor and I was in!

Her and her fiancé were living out west in Alberta, as so many young Newfoundlanders were and are forced to do to make a better life for themselves. They were both from central Newfoundland but were getting married on the west coast, my coast at the time to have their dream wedding by the water. And what a dream it turned out to be!jenscott-0586

I think back on their gorgeous and special day quite often, especially at this time of year when newly engaged couples are planning their weddings and reaching out. I’m just realizing though that I had never posted a full gallery of their day to my site, only a photo here and there to my facebook page. So I had to remedy this immediately!

Problem is, my website is designed to only allow 15ish photos per gallery to keep things fresh and to force me to edit down! There was no way to narrow down Scott & Jen’s day to 15 photos and do it justice…so I made a part 1 and a part 2(I could have made 3 or 4 easily)! So have a little look at the magic of their very special day and let me know what you think in the comments.
Jen & Scott | Part 1

Jen & Scott | Part 2

‘Til next time,

Shyama Shoots xo

Calling all models and wannabe models for a Portfolio Re-Vamp!


Dusting off the portfolio…re-vamp in 3-2-1!

It’s been far too long since I’ve worked on creatives for my portfolio. As a photographer you get busy shooting for other people(thankfully) that you forget about what YOU want in your book. And nothing really ignites the fires like executing your vision into a stunning portfolio-worthy image.

This time of year is a bit slower than the rest of the year, which makes it a perfect time to work on more personal work. I already have one shoot in the works for two weeks’ from now, but I want to be run off my feet like my Sheridan photo school days…and I need more faces!

Looking for models/subjects in all sizes and styles. If you are feeling daring and want to be part of the re-vamp, shoot me a message…even if you have never modelled before. I typically find my “models” by just asking people that I see and like the look of. A little unorthodox maybe, but my system hasn’t failed me yet!

I have lined up a fabulous hair & makeup artist and will be staging things myself in studio and maybe even on location. What will you get for participating? You will get digital copies of the final images and an 8×10 of your fave shot. So what are you waiting for? Message me already!

If you have a shoot you really want to do but is not exactly what I’m looking for, we can work out a reduced rate in exchange for modelling.


Summertime and the living is easy…

Spending the days shooting and working on photos is the most fun anyone could ever ask of their job. My passion is photography and I love working with clients, big and small to create gorgeous images.

I’m currently on a mini break in my hometown of Corner brook, Newfoundland. I’m lining up shoots with people in the city while I’m home. Drop me a line if you are looking for a fun day involving photos and capturing those precious memories.



IMG_9380 IMG_9383 IMG_9384

Desperately Seeking: Fresh Faces

The snow has to be melting soon and I’m itching to get out shooting on location again. My new website is up and running, that means I need to find some fun new people to photograph. I’ve been in St. John’s for a year now and have only been able to do shoots for clients. Which is great but I am feeling the need to shoot for myself and flex those creative muscles. If you are someone outgoing, fun and interested in being a subject for a shoot, please get in touch. There are few ways to do this: use the submission form on the bottom of the page or head on over to my Facebook page and message me through there. And if you are digging the page please give it a ‘Like’ while you are there.

Since it’s Throwback Thursday and I’m feeling nostalgic here is a creative from my days in Ontario. These are a few images from my graduate portfolio when I finished up at Sheridan Institute in Oakville, ON. As a grad student I caused quite a scene in the studio for this shoot. I took over the main cove and booked it for an unheard of full day(we were allowed 3 hour time slots only). I found all the talent myself and put together a styling team from professionals in Toronto, who all drove out to Oakville to work with me for trade. I will never forget that feeling of having other professionals having so much faith in what my vision was and what I was about to do. A big heartfelt thanks to Ivan(hair), Jessica(styling) and Kent(makeup) for being a part of this shoot and to my wonderful models Grace, Sarah, Jackie, Aidan, Robyn and Tassilo for being everything I asked for and more. xoxo Shyama







New Website

Welcome to my new website at shyama.ca! Have a look around and let me know what you think or if anything might not be working properly. Also be sure to check out my Facebook Page to be notified of promos and events.

Stay tuned…Shyama Shoots